Hong Kong Tramsway
Hong Kong's answer to San Francisco's cable car, the tram crawls merrily each day along the island's northern backbone in the midst of rushing traffic. Whether from the closer-to-life lower deck or the observation vantage point of the upper deck, the tram offers views of the local street life at a relaxing pace. It has been in service since 1904.
When the old style slide window is down on the upper deck, one can shake hands with the passengers from the next car — experiencing the new meaning given to the phrase bumper-to-bumper. This cosy mode of transportation is convenient, orientation-friendly — one can see where one is going —- and cheap, at HK$2 for adult and HK$1 for child / senior. One can get off the tram at any stop and hop on again in the same direction or go to the other side and board the ones going backwards — just make sure you have the coins for each time you get off.
The pleasure of a tram ride is doubled in the fall and winter when the climate is dry and cool... or in the evenings when a summer breeze visits to ease the heat.
One will have a better chance for a seat if one avoids the rush hours: Take it between 09:30 and 12:00, 14:30 and 17:00, and after 19:00.

Certain stops where a lot of passengers exit will be a better bet for space: West-bound at the Sogo stop in Causeway Bay, the Pacific Place stop in Admiralty, the Prince's Building stop and Landmark stop in Central. East-bound at the World Wide House stop in Central, the Pacific Place stop in Admiralty, the Percival St. stop and the Sogo stop in Causeway Bay.

Suggested Rides  
Here we recommend three basic segments of the east-west route, each offering different sights as the tram traverses slowly through various pockets of the city with their distinct flavours:

1) Central Westward to Whitty St. / Kennedy Town
2) Central Eastward to Wanchai onward to Causeway Bay
Causeway Bay Eastward to North Point Terminus

Click here for tram route map.

You can even host a tram party in the above party tram. Click to find out more!
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