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Beijing Tong Ren Tang    
"Tong Ren Tang" was a world-renowned Chinese drug store established in 1669. It was said that the founder had once worked in Emporer Kangxi's court and had used his time there to compile many Chinese herbal prescriptions he got from working in the Royal dispensary. He opened the first "Tong Ren Tang" in Beijing, near the Imperial Palace, with the aim of sharing with the general public the secret prescriptions that were until then only available to the Royal family.  
Central Branch on Queen's Road Central

By the early 18th century, Tong Ren Tang had successfully compiled some 360 different "herbal formulae" (prescriptions). Since then, the drug store has earned its reputation by providing effective medication and using good quality Chinese herbs bringing excellent medical results. There are now branches all over China and the Chinese people trust their name.

Almost all of the better-known prescriptions have a story behind their creation. For instance, in the late 19th century, the infamous Dowager Ci-xi (previously translated as Chi-shi) was said to have had a minor stroke. After careful treatment by the Imperial Doctors, her medical condition improved.

Later Tong Ren Tang got the "herbal formula" (prescription) that worked wonders on Ci-xi and began mass-producing it in the form of a pill. This became the popular "Zai Zao Wan" that claims to be very good for patients recovering from a stroke.

Other successful products are pills like "Shu Feng Ding Tong Wan" and "Dai Huo Luo Dan".

Apart from ready-made medications in the form of pills and powders, Tong Ren Tang also sells herbs and other ingredients in their original form and feature. Their in-house doctors will also prescribe and give medical advice to customers on site.

There are four branches in Hong Kong and one in London.

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